The Allure of Cashmere

cashmere textured v-neck

Not All Cashmere is Created Equal

Core to MARLOWE's philosophy is the use of the highest quality materials with the best manufacturing process. Intrinsic to our timeless values of investment dressing is the long-lasting nature of cashmere that is both sustainable in its durability and comfortable in its wearability. 

Where it comes from, how it is sorted, the way it is dyed and bleached, spun and knitted all play a role in the cashmere journey in being the most cherished in fashion.

cashmere sweater with scarf

Sourcing the Finest

Although the best raw source of cashmere comes from the inner Mongolian mountains, it is the selection process that differentiates the best from the best. The longest, thinnest, whitest fibers create the foundation of the softest most durable yarn the world has ever known. 

A yarn of contradictions: insulating yet cool, dense yet light, costly yet frugal, classic yet modern.

The longest fibers are combed from the under belly of the goat to produce the softest hand feel and quality long lasting wear. The most precious down is white, 12-15 microns thick and longest in length (32-38mm). This is the best source of raw cashmere.

cashmere textured crew neck with neck trim

The Cashmere Yarn

We use only two-ply yarns that are stronger and drape better. The same yarn used with increased plies adds weight and warmth.

We are best known for a special yarn created by Italian leading-edge technology process. During this process the yarn undergoes an extra spinning process that creates a smoother longer fiber. This high level of processing not
only strengthens the yarn, but also removes the traditional characteristic fuzziness of the cashmere, resulting in an extra silky touch against the skin.

Another key indicator of high-quality cashmere is the density of the stitches. This is where the manufacturer plays a key role. The tighter the density, the more the shape is retained, the softer the feel, and the more insulating properties are maintained. Insulating yet cool which means it can be worn year-round.

A true seasonless investment.

Cashmere "second skin" v-neck

Our Addictive "Second Skin"

Combining this highly processed yarn with Italy’s finest knitting machines we have become most famous for our “second skin” cashmere weight in developing truly seasonless cashmere sweaters. The combination results in a knit that is worn for the luxury and softness against the skin rather than the traditional warmth of cashmere.

MARLOWE Made In Italy Cashmere


All our cashmere is dyed, finished and knit in Italy. We involve the best mills and partner with top manufacturers. Our yarn mills meticulously analyze and separate the fiber to ensure quality and grade to produce the softest highest quality cashmere.

The manufacturers take on this precious material to complete the process.  Attention to every detail from the knitting process to the finishing stage completes the Made in Italy construct.

These Italian artisans with a keen appreciation for style make Italy a natural leader in the industry.

Cashmere crew neck

Care for Your Investment

Taking good care of your cashmere the proper way will ensure you will enjoy your product for many years to come.  Sustainability redefined.

To preserve its beauty, we recommend hand washing your cashmere by turning the sweater inside out and using cool water with a gentle pure soap such as baby shampoo or ivory snow gentle care.

Squeeze out by hand gently. Do not wring. Lay out flat and block into shape to dry. Do not hang or dry in direct heat or strong sunlight. Press using a cool iron steam and damp cloth. Avoid machine washing and never put in a dryer.

You can choose to dry clean, but it is recommended that frequency be limited to a few times a year and that milder solvents be used. Long term dry cleaning may affect the soft hand feel.

It is best to store your sweaters folded and cleaned. In between washing cycles consider pressing with iron steam inside out to refreshen your sweater and the natural luster of the knit. Lavender or cedar balls should be placed in the location of your cashmere whenever possible. Store in a cool and dry area, preferably sealed. Use the storage bags we provide especially when travelling.