Italian Women’s Cashmere

MARLOWE was born in response to an emerging need created by the modern woman’s lifestyle and values. A heightened sense of what is important brings a quest for value that is defined by quality, a strength of character, and the independence of the intellectual spirit.

The marriage of high quality cashmere knitwear with bespoke finely tailored sportswear makes MARLOWE unique in the world of fashion. The versatility of these combinations renders wardrobe building effortless.

The most precious materials are used, from the highest spun wool fabrics to the finest cashmere. This is the core of the product.

The artistry of Italian manufacturing is visible in the attention to every detail.

Sophisticated simplicity with the ultimate in comfort and style defines the brand.

Timeless in its interpretation, modern in its classicism, and in tune with the intrinsic values of today’s woman.

Quintessentially Italian. An expression of quality.